Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hip Guy - Robert has a fan

I love my sound supervisor. Joe Milner at Puget sound isn't just one of the most talented sound editors and mixers around, he just happens to be one of the coolest people I have met this year.

Joe sends me fun emails that always seem to make my day. All of the post production people loved the subjects of the film, and would often comment about various entertainers. My colorist loved hearing stories about Bob, one consultant couldn't get enough of CJ, and TL always seems to have fans. My favorite comment about Robert, the Deaf Man of 1,000 Faces came from our Foley team that Joe was working with. I always knew Robert was an extremely cool, hip guy, but this came from a pro who has worked on hundreds of films.

From Joe Milner, Sound Supervisor 07/30/08

OK, Robert will like this one:

I just got the foley back from the Foley stage, and started importing the
tracks into my mixing sessions. Like a sound effect, the individual files
are named for what they are, sometimes at a very basic, almost childlike
level, ie: "Red shirt FS" (footsteps), "Guy on right", Old Man on left" etc.

Robert however, is referred to as " Hip Guy". So, we've got several cues
named "Hip Guy FS" , "Hip Guy Backpack", etc.

I just thought that Robert might like to know, that at a purely "instant
gut-reaction" level, he is thought of as "hip".


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