Friday, October 24, 2008

Other entertainers

After I sent out the last newsletter, I received several emails from other entertainers asking if they were still in the film because they weren't mentioned by name in the newsletter. The answer is YES! It was very important to me to include as many entertainers as possible, for many reasons. First, I believe that I could have done a full documentary on any one of dozens of these talented performers, as they all have interesting and unique stories. Second, I am extremely aware of the limited opportunities these entertainers have in getting their work seen, which they so richly deserve. There are many cameos throughout the film when I was lucky enough to cross paths with such incredible performers such as Deanne Bray, Troy Kotsur, Michelle Banks, Fred Beam, Kathy Buckley, Rita Corey, John Maucere, Warren "Wawa" Snipes, Vae, SPO, Nat Wilson, Russell Harvard, Lisa Hermatz, Bernard Bragg, Adrian Blue, Ed Chevy, Steve Longo, Sheena McFeely, Megg Rose, Garrett Zuercher... the list goes on and on. I am so proud and honored to include so many people who have inspired me and influenced so many others.

Please feel free to add comments to this blog about your favorite deaf entertainer and links to their websites. I am happy to read news about upcoming performances or stories about their work. Who knows? We might even be able to feature you on the website when we come to your town with the film!

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